Volunteers are an essential part of the Moor Pool community – all of the work done by the MPHT is unpaid.

We are calling for volunteers in the following roles:

• Tour Guides – as awareness is raised of the Moor Pool estate we would like to be able to deliver walking tours of the estate on a regular basis and therefore are looking for passionate volunteers with interest and passion for delivering a tour to take people round. This includes pre-booked groups as well as tours on Heritage Open Days.

• Fundraising - we have a huge challenge to meet to raise funds to help the Moor Pool community and the various projects. The fundraising committee meets regularly and always welcome new members.

• General Event volunteers – for all sorts of admin tasks like leaflet posting, envelope stuffing, tea/coffee and cake making volunteers and table and chair shifting for various events that may be coming up. Ideally we’d like a pool of people who we can then pick from so that people can have a break from time to time!

• Education Volunteers - we are running a forest school, educational allotment and we wish to expand the range of educational activities that are run on the estate using our heritage, allotments, open spaces and community facilities for the benefit of schools and community groups, and we need people to help move these projects forward.

Volunteer Policy

Volunteer Role Profiles

Volunteer Application Form


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