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Welcome to the Moor Pool Heritage Trust (MPHT) website.                                                                                                          The MPHT is a registered charity (number 1148252) born out of the Moor Pool Residents Association in 2011, formed specifically to acquire the community facilities for the benefit of the local and wider community. Following this success the Trust now strives to protect and preserve Moor Pool for the benefit of future generations, but also to ensure it raises awareness of its importance to the wider public.

The Vision

Moor Pool Heritage Trust’s aims are:

  • Conserve and protect the key elements of Moor Pool Estate’s heritage
  • Develop our educational offer for schools and colleges
  • Expand our facilities, activities and services to the wider community

The Moor Pool Heritage Trust has been set up as an incorporated not for profit private company limited by guarantee with 7 directors/trustees. These trustees all contribute to the the skill base of the Trust Board. The Trust has as a primary objective of preserving the historic Moor Pool community facilities.

Become a member of the Trust, you can find out more information about membership of Moor Pool Heritage Trust by reading our Articles of Association.

The Trustees provide information through the MPHT website, the Moor Pool Duck newsletter and social media whenever possible. The Trust has negotiated the acquisition of various community assets which are key to the ethos of the Estate. These include acquiring the Moor Pool Hall, various sporting facilities and open spaces. The Trust has also acquired the community shops and residential flat above them which provide long-term income to support the running of the Estate.

The Trust is also in the process of acquiring from Cala Homes various lands and buildings which the company have been obliged to either restore or provide as part of s106 planning agreements. These include over 65 allotments and 21 garages. Not only will this expand the scope of the community facilities retained by the Trust, it will also protect them for the future and strengthen income streams necessary to support the future maintenance liabilities.

Moor Pool has an important historic value and remains an almost intact example of a Garden Suburb built on co-partnership principles from what was an extremely important period in Britain's and particularly Birmingham’s town planning history. We have a duty to do what we can to preserve that history whilst preparing Moor Pool to face the challenges of the future.

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